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Raising capital and offering liquidity to investors shouldn’t be a long, painful process. Whether you're conducting a Seed or Series D offering, we have the tools to help you close your round and more.


Let's face it.. Capital fundraising is still a painful, inefficient process

Limited liquidity for shareholders

Companies are staying private longer to raise at higher and higher valuations. The cost of this is lack of liquidity and exit for current shareholder. Employees and investors alike.

Lack of preparation

Without the help of a professional investment packaging firm, the time to capital will take 20% longer and cost $21,000 more.

Opaque ownership

Cap tables are still being stored on an excel spread sheet and are not a up-to-date. Investors are unsure of their stake in firms and feel insecure about how their positions are being held.

The Solution

Convert your company shares into consumable products for investors

Through the Deal Box platform, private companies can finally simplify capital rounds through digitizing and distributing company shares securely and compliantly.

Investment Packaging

Turn your offering into a consumable product for investors by utilizing industry-leading tools that provide everything they need from initial investment to exit.


ATS Readiness

When considering a private placement, investors need to know the time horizon, risk profile, and (most importantly) their liquidity options. Through out platform and partnerships, we streamline the process of listing your company shares on an ATS.


Trusted by over 500 private companies

Since 2016, Deal Box has helped hundreds of business leaders win through the use of innovative technologies and well-thought-out capital markets strategies. Here's what a few of our issuers have to say about working with us!

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