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The asset management industry is becoming more and more of a commoditized business every day. The rise of passive investing, sky-high valuation IPOs, broadened systemic risk, diminished public market alpha and algorithmic trading has impaired the ability of investors to generate consistent real returns that achieve their financial goals over the lifetime of their investment horizons. This trend isn’t just an issue for individual investors, asset managers and financial advisers are struggling to provide true value-add services above and beyond portfolio construction, asset allocation models and financial planning. At Deal Box, we have created an ecosystem that aims to solve this tremendous issue. With our world class team of technologists, investment professionals, analysts and creative visionaries we developed our own capital markets consulting practices and investment packaging services then partnership with other industry leaders in compliance, issuance,growth marketing, cybersecurity, legal, accounting, syndication/distribution to help pair investors with the highest quality entrepreneurs and businesses ripe for investment.

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