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Investment Packaging: What You Need to Secure Capitalization

Published on Jul 09, 2021 by Jon Alvarado

Startups seeking capitalization will need to hone their investment package — a skill Deal Box is highly adept at.

An investment package is a set of presentation materials and documents that are part of a dynamic financial model and that help startups establish comprehensive details about their business that can be used to support capitalization efforts and subsequent operational execution.

The 4 Critical Steps In Investment Packaging

At Deal Box, investment packaging is a focused, repetitive, broad-spectrum process built with industry-leading technology, rigorous analysis, and a wide range of services and resources that help our clients expand the reach and capabilities of their in-house teams while also providing advice about the most efficient ways to pursue their goals.

The Deal Box investment packaging process includes four steps:

1. Offering construction: Funding structure selection, offering document preparation, and regulatory filing management.

2. Institutional data room: We offer enhanced due diligence for a broad range of deals and can create a secure central repository for company financials and corporate records.

3. Investor portal: We create a deal room, which is basically an investor portal, where a startup’s offerings are transformed into a consumable product for potential investors. Deal Box can also compliantly market your offering online and automate investor onboarding.

4. Investor management: This final step involves getting a startup’s cap table off of complex spreadsheets and into a blockchain-based cap table. The Deal Box portfolio management interface helps startups enhance the post-investment experience.

Based on any particular situation, startups may need investment briefs, convertible notes, a revenue participation agreement, a business plan and business overview, an investor presentation, nondisclosure agreements and a business valuation report, a private placement memorandum, and more.

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