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DealBox Daily Ep1: “NFT Video Games/Movies and Doge Body Spray”

Published on Jul 21, 2021 by Jon Alvarado

In this episode, Jon Alvarado & Brendan McShane of Deal Box Inc. are joined by Taylor Wallace of Total Network Services to discuss NFT(s), crypto currencies, and key updates in the world of blockchain and digital assets.

Youtube: DealBox Daily Ep1: “NFT Video Games/Movies and Doge Body Spray”

Got Bitcoin, Will Buy Intel: U.S. Government Offers Cryptocurrency Bounty In Radical New Approach To Fighting Cybercrime‘”: 

For the first time, the US government is offering up to $10M in Bitcoin as a form of payment for information about cyber attacks from foriegn governments.  Government officials and establishment figures have dismissed crypto in the past but money talks. The US government knows the group of people that they are aiming for with this offer.  

MINING Nuclear-powered bitcoin mining is coming to Ohio in December“: 

Bitcoin mining company Energy Harbor Corp is partnering with Standard Power to ensure 100% of the power used by the mining facility is carbon free. The crypto community is responding to their critics that say it is not environmentally friendly by showing that it can be. Elon Musk said that Tesla would most likely resume accepting Bitcoin once mining becomes less environmentally taxing.  Bitcoin mining is when a computer is used to solve a complicated equation to confirm a group of Bitcoin transactions and in doing so is rewarded Bitcoins.  The equations require a high amount of computing power to solve hence needing large amounts of power. 

Grooming Products Firm Axe Releases Limited Edition ‘Crypto Scented’ Doge

1,000 lucky Americans have received Axe’s Doge themed body spray called the “DogeCan”.  They were sold out instantly and caused Axe’s website to crash. Businesses are getting in on the loyal Doge community and will keep doing so in the future. 

Infinity Revenue, Infinity Possibilities“: 

Axie Infinity is a NFT based game that has made an incredible jump in revenue in a span of months. Going from $3M in May to $12M in June then as of July 18th they are at $79M, projecting $153M at the end of the month. This game will boost the play-to-earn gaming economy which has been slowly gaining momentum in the past few years.  Axie in the last week has generated $40M in revenue which is more than all of Ethereum’s gas fees in the last week. 

Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins’ new film to be sold as NFT on new platform Vuele“: 

Antony Hopkins’ new movie ‘Zero Contact’ will drop on the NFT platform Vuele in the next month.  The movie was filmed during Covid and most of the shots were over Zoom.  The question in the future is where are people going to consume their NFT content? Will they consume it on incumbent platforms such as Netflix and Spotify or will it be on a new platform? 

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