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DealBox Daily Ep 2: “Tom Brady, Steve Jobs, and Digital Race Horses”

Published on Jul 23, 2021 by Jon Alvarado

Youtube: “DealBox Daily Ep 2: “Tom Brady, Steve Jobs, and Digital Race Horses”

Tom Brady’s NFT Platform Autograph Partners With Lionsgate and DraftKings“: 

Brady’s NFT platform signed Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Deter Jeter, Naomi Osaka, and Tony Hawk.  The NFTs will be sold on DraftKings digital marketplace. Autograph is slated to launch later this summer. Sports stars are going to be selling memorabilia meanwhile artists and musicians are already selling digital files so they have had more initial success with NFTs. 

A startup that lets you race NFT horses has raised $20 million from a16z, TCG“: 

Zed Racing sells NFT horses that can be raced against each other online. This opens up an opportunity to those that enjoy horse racing but may not be able to afford to own their own horse. Zed has sold $30 million worth of NFT horses so far.  

VCs Pumped $4B Into Crypto Firms in Q2: CB Insights“: 

A few companies raised a large chunk of the Q2 money raised in the crypto space.  FTX raised $900 million, Circle raised $440 million, Ledger raised $380 million, and Paxos raised $300 million. This is uplifting news for those that are down from the crypto market almost halving from it’s all time high. 

Steve Job’s Physical Job Application and Mirror Copy in NFT Form to Faceoff on the Auction Block“: 

Steve Job’s application was sold for $224,750 in a previous auction in London earlier this year. This auction is testing how consumers value a physical collectible versus its digital counterpart.  The NFT and physical copy should be put together as a means of validation. 

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