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Deal Box Daily Ep 12: "Alibaba NFT, SpacePort, and Next Wikipedia"

Published on Aug 19, 2021 by Jon Alvarado

Youtube: Deal Box Daily Ep 12: "Alibaba NFT, SpacePort, and Next Wikipedia" Episode 12 Google Slides:

“Alibaba launches NFT marketplace for copyright trading”

Alibaba’s NFT marketplace will allow traders to sell tokenized licenses of their intellectual property. A few problems with this market is: Alibaba has a track record of selling knock off products, the blockchain is centralized, and the platform can’t prevent unauthorized copying.

“Google search volume for NFT marketplace OpenSea reached an all-time high last week”

The interest went from 73 to 100, which is the highest interest rating on Google. OpenSea is now worth $1.5 billion. Activity has gone up from Axie Infinity, CryptoPunks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

“‘SpacePort’ NFT Game: Play-to-Earn Arcade, How to Earn NFTs — Possible to Earn $28 in 2 Hours?”

Players online have claimed to make $28 in 2 hours playing SpacePort. In the NFT game space, there is a fine line between Play-to-Earn and Pay-To-Play/Pay-To-Win. The games have to be careful to not become the later because down the line it can ruin their reputation and decrease its popularity.

“Tokenized real estate market could hit $1.4T despite a slow start, report claims”

A new report claims that the tokenization of the global real estate market could hit .5% or 1.4T in the next 5 years. The slow adoption has been caused by institutional investors' hesitancy and the lack of secondary market liquidity. Solutions are in place, such as tZERO trading the St. Regis Aspen token.

“Decentralized blockchain project launches contest to build next Wikipedia”

FreeTon is working to build the next Wikipedia and claims that Wikipedia currently is discouraging users from making active contributions. Taking on Wikipedia is a massive undertaking. It is the fifth most visited site on the internet, nonprofit that is community based, and runs with no economic incentives. Microsoft has tried to take on Wikipedia before using economic incentives similar to what FreeTon is doing now and failed. Maybe history will repeat itself.

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