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Deal Box Daily Ep 9: "Messi Crypto Deal and Oscar Mayer Doge-dogs"

Published on Aug 12, 2021 by Jon Alvarado

In this episode, Jon Alvarado & Brendan McShane of Deal Box Inc. are joined by Taylor Wallace of Total Network Services to discuss the Messi crypto deal, Oscar Mayer Doge-dogs, and Uniswap generated 1B in fees.

Youtube: Deal Box Daily Ep 9: "Messi Crypto Deal and Oscar Mayer Doge-dogs"

Episode 9 Google Slides:

Deal Box Daily Episode 9 (August 12th, 20211)

“Messi receives 'large number' of crypto fan tokens as part of his PSG package”

PSG tokens give fans a right to vote on club-selected decisions. After Messi’s signing, the trade volume increased to $300M in 24 hours and has doubled in price. Fans can now invest in their teams financially as well as on the field. These tokens have been adopted by other soccer clubs as well.

“Poly Network hacker returns nearly all funds, refuses $500K white hat bounty”

Hacker took $610M worth of tokens from Polynetwork and has returned almost all the funds. After the hack, Polynetwork tracked what tokens the person took and blacklisted them so that they couldn’t be used on any major exchange.

“Oscar Mayer Is Auctioning a 10-Pack of Dogecoin-Themed Hot Dogs, Proceeds Go to Hunger-Relief Charity”

They are called the Hot Doge Wieners and are being auctioned off on eBay. The trend of using Doge for market publicity and making headlines just continues. If you’re going to have a cook out this summer these are the hot dogs to buy.

“Tory Lanez says he sold 1 million copies of his NFT album in under one minute”

Tory Lanez sold 1 million copies of his NFT album in 57 seconds. The NFTs were all sold for one dollar. Looking more into it, there was a preorder and the money cleared in 57 seconds. This also doesn’t mean 1 million people bought the NFT, it just means 1 million were purchased.

“Uniswap has now generated more than $1B in fees for liquidity providers”

Uniswap is currently the highest generating fee protocol built on the Ethereum network.  Axie Infinity is a close second, doing $308M in fees just in the past 30 days. Opensea has overtaken Uniswap in daily fees with $4.2M a day.

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