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Deal Box Daily Ep 8: “FTX sponsorship, Top Shot Kiok, and EIP-1559”

Published on Aug 06, 2021 by Jon Alvarado

In this episode, Jon Alvarado & Brendan McShane of Deal Box Inc. is joined by Taylor Wallace of Total Network Services to discuss FTX sponsorship, Top Shot Kiok, and EIP-1559

Episode 8 Google Slides: Deal Box Daily Episode 8 (August 6th, 20211) – “FTX Sponorship, NFT Kioks and Copyrights”

Crypto Giant FTX Sponsors League of Legends Esports Series in 7-Year Deal

FTX recently sponsored League of Legends team TSM for $210M in June so this is an add on deal. The company has been known to sponsor other games and the Miami Heat stadium naming rights. League of Legends had 46 million views for last year’s championship. Crypto companies are looking to the future of advertising by getting in on other growing trends.

Civic engagement and crypto: Miami unveils its own digital coin

Miami coin can be considered a developer coin that is entirely programmable. The companies plan is to release coins in most major cities hoping the cities use these coins to fund infrastructure. Starting in Miami because it trying to become a crypto hub.  How much it is used and success for the coin in the future is unclear.

Fans Can Buy Game Moment NFTs In Person at the NBA Summer League Games in Vegas

This is the first time the NFT will be available for purchase at the arena. This is a good marketing move to increase fans’ interest in NBA Top Shot NFTs and bring more awareness to everyday people. People will be able to also live in the moment of the hype of the game and go to the kiosk right after a big play to capture that moment.

Copyright violations could crash the NFT party

Weird Whales were launched at $60 an NFT the quickly went to $6,000. However, after a Google search, someone found that the whales were taken from the internet and were not original. There is going to be a need in the future for a verification service for NFTs and accounts.

Ethereum network burns $12 million in ETH in first 24 hours since EIP-1559

The major parts of the update was to stabilize the gas fees and put a burn rate on ETH. Every transaction will now have a base payment and tip. The base payments will get burned and the tips will go to the miners.

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