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Deal Box Daily Ep 6: “Deal Box hosts Noreen Griffin, CEO of Forte Inc.”

Published on Aug 04, 2021 by Jon Alvarado

Deal Box Daily Episode 6: August 4th, 2021

In this episode, Deal Box hosts Noreen Griffin, CEO of Forte Inc., to share her knowledge, insight, and perspective on the animal health sector, current challenges, and the market forces opening up serious opportunities for many of the issuers in this exciting space.

Interview Highlights:

How does Forte have science for solutions?

Forte is the first animal health company involved in immuno stasis and immune restoration.  Noroxymorphone and Proenkephaline have been through numerous trials for both inflammation and cancer and thus have a high safety profile.  Their drugs have also successfully trialed K-9’s with cancer helping to extend and improve quality of life without the toxic side effects of chemotherapy.

How does Forte address the underlying condition instead of just the symptoms?

Other major pharmaceuticals have not looked at the connection and correlation between the immune system or inflammation in the various diseases. Immunosuppressive drugs suppress the immune system but do not deal with the underlying illness. They are extremely toxic and exceedingly expensive. Forte’s goal is not to suppress the immune system but to activate, rebalance and bring the body back to homeostasis.

What is Forte’s relationship with Cytocom and their R&D?

Cytocom has been at the forefront of research for decades working with leading immunologists.  They are currently taking compounds known to restore balance to the next level in order to restore the entire immune system.  Forte licensed the technology from Cytocom for the veterinarian world through Immune which was the prior parent of both companies.  Their relationship is well protected due to their collaboration on the existing and pending patents.

How does Forte care for animals and how do they better understand their needs?

Forte’s focus is to be species-specific because the drugs have very particular doses with very narrow ranges based on different species. Also the drugs have a wide range of uses across different animals and could help in the future from killing off herds. Forte understands that side effects are difficult with people but even more difficult with animals because they are unable to express their pain and discomforts.

Who are Forte’s competitors and how does Forte keep down costs?

Startup competitor Inventek has a monoclonal antibody drug that is more toxic and more expensive. Elanco and Zoetis are on a buying binge right now and Forte’s goal is to be acquired by one of the major players. Forte has a capital efficient market strategy with lower R&D by utilizing Cytocom’s proven technology and lowering operating costs by having an efficient sales team.


Noreen Griffin, CEO and founder of Forte Animal Health, was in the biotech human development side of pharmaceuticals over the last seven years both with Immunotherapeutics and Cytocom. A year ago, she stepped down as the CEO of Cytocom when she decided to focus on the animal side because Noreen felt we need a new direction on how we treat our pets.

If you made it to the end of this podcast interview synopsis, thank you! We welcome you to tune in to this episode of Deal Box Daily (available today on all streaming platforms). Until next time!

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About Forte:

Forte is a development stage biopharmaceutical animal health company focused on the licensing, development and commercialization of innovative animal therapeutics designed to deliver immune homeostasis and restoration that sets new standards in veterinarian immunotherapy.

The company’s industry leading team is closing the animal immunotherapy innovation gap and transforming animal health with solid intellectual property and a capital efficient semi-virtual biotech model leveraging strong partnerships with best-in-class human and animal biotech companies.

About Deal Box:

Deal Box is frictionless, intelligent venture investing for the digital age. A specialty consulting firm focused on capital markets strategy, Deal Box utilizes both traditional and digital securities to enhance capital formation for early ventures and growth-stage companies. Through an industry leading Investment Packaging diligence process, Deal Box digitizes highly-vetted securities in private companies to redefine the ownership experience for retail and professional investors.

Founded in 2016, Deal Box was created to democratize venture capital. Through an institutional level approach to capital formation and best-in-class technology, Deal Box has packaged hundreds of early-to-mid stage companies, generating millions in both direct and syndicated over the last four years.