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Deal Box Daily Ep 17: "MicroStrategy buys more BTC, Dogecoin helps real dogs, and intelligent NFTs"

Published on Aug 26, 2021 by Brendan McShane

Youtube: Deal Box Daily Ep 17: "MicroStrategy buys more BTC, Dogecoin helps real dogs, and intelligent NFTs"

Episode 17 Google Slides:

“MicroStrategy announces new bitcoin buy worth $177 million”

This purchase brings MicoStrategy's total bitcoin supply to ~109K BTC with an average purchase price of $26K.

“DeFi Exchange SushiSwap Builds on Avalanche as Part of $180M Incentive Program”

SushiSwap is joining Avalanche rush joining AAVE and Curve. Avalanche is a PoS blockchain created by Ava Labs and claims to be able to process 4,500 transactions a second. The AVAX token has been up 300% in the past seven days.

“Dogecoin going to help real dogs — Chicago animal shelter now accepts crypto”

PAWS Chicago said that they will now accept BTC,ETH, and DOGE to support its new hospital for homeless dogs and cats. They are advertising this campaign with posters of dogs shooting lasers out of their eyes. Their goal to reduce the Chicago areas kill rate of homeless pets.

“Solana-Based Defi Protocol Luna Yield Reportedly 'Rug Pulls' Investors, $6.7 Million Taken”

The rug pull was done by the Luna Yield team which was anonymous. The website now pops up with a 404 error. Solpad project will compensate 60% of the amount lost, paying it our in USDC. A rug pull is when a new coin is created with a liquidity pool. The pool will have the new token matched with an established token (BTC,ETH,USDC, etc..) Once users have added enough established coins to the pool, the developer team will use their large wallet of the new tokens to transact out all of the established tokens. This will cause the new coins price to crash and the developer team will get away with a large amount of an established cryptocurrency. It is the most common scam in crypto.

“Alethea AI raises $16M in private token sale for intelligent NFTs for the metaverse”

Alethea thinks that NFT will used to define property rights for digital assets in the metaverse. The technology behind Alethea's NFTs will allow them to "come alive" as interactive assets with personality traits. These NFTs will be avatars placed in the metaverse and have AI intelligence.