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Deal Box Daily Ep 11: "Walmart Crypto Product Lead and AR Dogemon Go Mobile"

Published on Aug 18, 2021 by Jon Alvarado

Youtube: Deal Box Daily Ep 11: "Walmart Crypto Product Lead and AR Dogemon Go Mobile"

Deal Box Daily Episode 11

“Walmart is looking for a crypto product lead”

Walmart is seeking to hire a cryptocurrency and digital currency product lead. This person will create a digital currency strategy for the firm. This is coming after Amazon announced a few weeks prior that they will be hiring a crypto lead. Walmart is trying to be equally competitive to Amazon.

“Bringing ‘CAPTCHA to Earn’ to Ethereum”

CAPTCHA is the security window that pops up asking if you’re a robot and makes you click on the pictures of the fire hydrants or street signs. The Human Protocol Foundation is making hCaptcha that will reward users for completing the picture selection tasks with cryptocurrency.

“Augmented Reality-Based Dogemon Go Mobile Game Allows Players to Earn Dogecoin”

The new mobile video game Dogemon Go will utilize both AR and Dogecoin.  The game is similar to Pokemon Go.  Users will be able to out and catch creatures and earn Dogecoin while doing so.

“Galaxy Digital Joins $50M Raise for Crypto Staking Firm Figment”

Prior to the firm raising capital, it had a 20x quarter or quarter growth and had $7B staked across its networks. PoS has seen tremendous growth recently from layer 1 launches of Solana, Polkadot, and Terra. Users have staked over $14B in ETH, Coinbase is expected to make $200M by 2022 from staking, and JP Morgan has stated that by 2025 the staking industry will be worth $40B.

“Twitter taps crypto developer to lead ‘bluesky’ decentralized social network effort”

The new developer stated that they won’t have to bootstrap to find users because they can come from Twitter. A decentralized social media network will allow users to govern themselves.

Letting anonymous internet users govern themselves may not turn out to be what everyone is hoping for. However, giving control of user’s data back to them can be a great thing.

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