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Deal Box Daily Ep 13: "Robinhood Crypto Growth and PSV Football Club HODLs Bitcoin"

Published on Aug 20, 2021 by Brendan McShane

Youtube: Deal Box Daily Ep 13: "Robinhood Crypto Growth and PSV Football Club HODLs Bitcoin"

Episode 13 Google Slides:

“Crypto grows from 2% to 41% of Robinhood's total revenue in past year”

Between Q2 2020 and Q2 2021 there is a 4,282% transaction based revenue growth from cryptocurrencies on Robinhood. The cryptocurrency trading revenue has almost matched the revenue from options trading. Last year options trading made up approximately 55% of Robinhoods revenue.

“Pepe The Frog creator has $4M ‘Sad Frogs’ project removed from OpenSea”

Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe The Frog, has requested that 7,000 Sad Frogs be removed from OpenSea's marketplace. OpenSea confirmed this by saying they received a DMCA takedown request from Matt to delist the frogs. The copyright infringement in the NFT space needs to be taken seriously and OpenSea is doing so.

“‘Major Dutch Football Club PSV Hodls Bitcoin — Sponsorship to Be Paid Entirely in BTC”

PSV Eindhoven announced it will HODL Bitcoin with the help of crypto exchange Anycoin Direct. This is one the first sponsorships in Bitcoin that the institution declared they will hold the crypto. Not that others do not but they most likely off ramp their coins.

“‘Like-to-Earn’ NFT Platform RARA Looks to Monetize the Future of Online Engagement”

RARA's "Like-to-Earn" model is aiming to reward its active community members with RARA tokens. Members can participate by bidding on or curating NFT auctions. The landing page will have an infinite scroll featuring NFTs in order of how many "likes" they received. It can be compared to the rotten tomatoes of NFTs.

“Australia and Singapore complete blockchain-based trial of cross-border trade docs”

The Australian boarder force along side Singaporean authorities have completed a trail for two blockchain based digital verification systems. The system is still in its proof-of-concept phase and will be using certificates of origin for its first trial run.