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The Next Generation of Capital Markets Strategy

Published on Feb 22, 2021 by Adam McCombs

John Nance from the interview –

“…it’s our belief in the next three to five years here that the lid is going to get blown off on everything that we’ve covered today. It will be a point in the future where this idea of capital market strategy might even become an executive position at a startup business, who’s a Series B, or C funded company. These things are going to be talked about in boardrooms and on strategy calls much earlier in the life of a company than they are today. That’s really where we see the future of the industry going. “

Topics covered:

The Current Crypto Market
John Nance’s Background
Crypto Taxonomy
The role of DealBox
Security Tokens
Capital Markets Strategy
Transparency and Distribution
Final thoughts

Deal Box is an investment packaging company that specializes in capital markets strategy. DealBox partners with issuers looking to raise capital, and walks them through what the lifecycle of capital formation might look like for them.

What mechanisms are available to them today? What mechanisms might be available in the future? What structure is right for them to raise capital, not just today, but in the future, and what the implications of doing those things has on the long term success or growth or development of their company.

DealBox helped pioneer the securities token model and has recently launched an innovative digital securities platform that combines the diligence, accountability and trust of a traditional capital raise with the speed, flexibility, transparency, security and lower costs afforded by digitization and blockchain technology.

Watch the full interview here