ATS Readiness

Get your company listed on an ATS

Deal Box is the industry leader in ATS readiness with funding structure selection, offering document preparation, and regulatory filing management.


Let's face it... Current paths to liquidity are problematic

IPO - High costs, long completion times

IPO costs for legal and audit fees can range from $3.5M-$4M and an additional underwriting fee of 3.5%-7% of the gross proceeds.

Today, initial IPO conversations start 18 months before the firms go public

SPAC - Low credibility, high dilution

SPACs do not require rigorous due diligence which can lead incorrectly valued companies.

At merger time, all shareholders of target firm are diluted from paying a sponsor's fee in shares, typically 20% equity.

Other Liquidity Options

Acquisitions can lead to culture clashes, job cuts, conflicting objectives, and brand damage.

OTC listing expensive than ATS listing and have higher maintenance costs, while being exposed to naked short selling and stricter reporting requirements.

The Solution

Unlock liquidity in three easy steps


Investment Packaging

Get the diligence, proper filings, and regulatory guidance you need to confidently list your shares on an ATS through our proprietary Investment Packaging process.


Regulatory Filing Management

Gain access to a seamless and expeditious listing experience through our regulatory compliance and technology integrations. We liaison between your team, your desired ATS, and any legal representatives.

Step 3

Connect to an ATS

Now that your shares are trading, confidently articulate your valuation for future rounds, improve talent acquisition and retention, and automate your investor relations.


Raising capital? Need access to liquidity?

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