World-class capital markets leadership in alternative investments

Headquartered in San Diego, DealBox Inc., together with parent company Capital Services Group combine unparalleled capital markets leadership with world-class analysts, technologists and legal experts to deliver a novel and powerful approach to venture capital fundraising and private equity investment.

Deal Box Inc. is a FinTech Merchant Bank and capital markets consulting firm that specializes in the securitization and productization of assets for emerging growth companies such as royalty distributions, revenue share agreements, equity and voting rights using the revolutionary technologies of the digital securities industry. The Deal Box Team is comprised of capital markets veterans, expert technologists, design experts, and creative visionaries.

We have spent the last several years building syndication, distribution and an institutionally compliant marketplace ecosystem where sophisticated institutional and accredited individual investors can review high-quality private placement offerings with a level of due-diligence previously unavailable to the public.

Our marketplace has unique and differentiated service providers that cover a wide range of institutional requirements such as cybersecurity, identity verification, securities issuance, custodial services, investment of qualified money, accounting systems, cap table management and more.

Our Experts

Our team has a passion for smarter investing. We get excited about tools and solutions that advance the ways in which smart investment decisions and transactions can be made online. Our mission is to continually shape the future of alternative investments through our commitment to best-investment practices.

Thomas Carter

Founder and CEO

Robert Caruso

Managing Director

John Nance

President / Chief Investment Officer

Charles Voltron


Rocky Rock

Director of Operations

Bradford Botes

Capital Markets Business Development

Jon Alvarado

Head of Marketing

Jerome Conlon

Marketing/Branding Advisor

Shahan Khoshafian


Bruce Clem

Vice President of Corporate Finance

Jeff Gary


Ronald Diamond


Jennifer Georgino

Business Advisor

Steve Careaga


Jane Nguyen


James Haft


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