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DealBox is a vertically integrated, ground-breaking platform that empowers entrepreneurs and investors to take advantage of next generation digital securities issuance and investment.

Win by Delivering the Best Ownership Experience for Investors

Deal Box converts the value of an asset, tangible or intangible, into a token that can be subdivided, traded, and stored on a blockchain. The tokenization of traditional securities is revolutionizing the world of finance in the following ways:

Enhanced Liquidity

Security tokens have the advantage of being traded on compliant platforms with 24/7/365 global access.


Digital securities can be programmed to accommodate regulatory compliance, transfer rules, market making, self-executing rights, and any other required functionality.


Digital transfer of ownership in seconds 24/7/365. Automatic dividend payments. Programmable functionality eliminates the need for intermediaries.


Every action performed with a digital security is recorded on an easily accessible, immutable ledger.

The Deal Box Investor Portal

Offer a seamless, frictionless experience for your investors with our new investor portal

Due Diligence & Compliance

Each company goes through a minimum of 6-8 weeks of careful vetting and due diligence process, following SEC Reg D 506b, 506c Reg A, Tier 1, Tier 2, Reg A, or S-1 filings. We provide more data, transparency, and reporting than any other platform in the fundraising space.

Smart, Compliant Tokens

KYC, AML, Accreditation Verification. Easy to use Secure Wallet with less friction. Even Token recovery, along with many other features powered by Vertalo and delivered over the Tezos network.

Direct and Syndicated Investments

Access our community of RIA’s, Family Offices, Funds, self-directed IRA’s, 401K Custodians, and related Exchanges.

Participate in the future of investing and fundraising today.

Current Offerings

Impact Naturals
Impact Naturals

A life science company focused on the development of innovative formulation technologies, dietary supplements, and hemp-based CBD products.

San Diego, CA

  • Consumer Products

Building a scalable blockchain infrastructure for distributed applications. One of the first applications is a stable cryptocurrency.

Mint Air
Mint Air

An innovative jet air company that supply’s jet air craft to operators


Origenne was formed to commercialize best-in-class plastics-to-fuel technologies that can be scaled to produce tremendous environmental and economic value.


An all new 3D-Air internet system



The Deal Box Ecosystem



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